Automate your Slack availability.

The missing Slack feature

Use your calendars to update your Slack presence, automatically.

Quick App Setup

Our simple iOS app lets you configure your Slack availability settings in minutes.

Any Calendar

If it shows in the iOS Calendar app, it can be used with Presense.

Fully Automated

Once set up, the Presense app and cloud work silently in the background.


A simple and truly invisible productivity booster.

Easy Setup

Install Presense, login with Slack, and you're done.

Amazingly Invisible

Designed to run silently with help from the cloud, after you set up the app you don't need to open it again.

Official Slack API

Presense securely integrates with Slack ensuring maximum privacy and reliability.

Customized Busy Settings

Define what "Busy" means to you: appear offline, enable DND, or set a custom status message.

Offline? No Problem

Patent-pending technology updates your availability when you are off the grid.

Battery Friendly

Precision software engineering minimizes battery impact to 1% or less.

Make Slack work to your schedule.