Seamless availability sharing for iOS.

Available for free in the iTunes App Store

Adding the Smart to Smartphone

Presense takes the guesswork out of contacting other people, effortlessly.

Call, Text, IM, or Email?

Easily see if someone is busy at the moment you want to contact them so you can pick the best way to reach out.

App Integrated

See the availability of others right from within the apps you are already using today: Mail, Messages, Phone, WhatsApp, and more.

Time Saver

Regain precious minutes throughout the day by not trying to contact people who have indicated they are busy.

It's what's next in digital communications.

In an era of self-driving cars and smart toasters, we still blindly try to contact people like we have since the dawn of the telephone.

With today's technology, it is now possible to know if someone is likely to be busy before you even try to contact them.

Presense aims to equip you with this information in a subtle way, requiring no changes to how you work or use your phone.


One of the most powerful yet out-of-the-way apps you will ever use.

Easy Setup

Install Presense, register your phone number, and you're done.

Amazingly Invisible

Designed to run silently, you only need to use the app to change settings.

Smart Contact Network

Your contacts are enriched with availability automatically once they register with Presense.

Offline? No Problem

Patent-pending technology updates your availability when you are off the grid.

Battery Friendly

Precision software engineering minimizes battery impact to 1% or less.

Privacy by Design

All data used by Presense is one-way encrypted and is not readable by anyone (not even us).

Works with Slack

Let co-workers see when you are busy in their Slack client (web, desktop, or mobile) so they don't expect an immediate response when you are tied up.

  • Automatically set DND or Available/Away presence
  • No software necessary for your teammates
  • Uses official Slack API

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